NSCA Mokwa Nigeria


The Provost
Aliyu Mohammed (Ph.D.)
The Provost
With the Provost as the team leader, other members of the Management team include the following:
NSCA Mokwa Nigeria
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Niger State College of Agriculture, Mokwa was established in June 1979 as an arm of the Niger State Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources. However, in May, 1984, an Edict establishing the College was enacted by the Niger State Government (Edict No. 1 of 1985) more....

The philosophy of the college is built around the Philosophy of Agricultural Extension which states thus: 'If it is possible for a people to transfer from generation to generation the aspects of their culture through socialization, as complex as culture is, then it is possible to transfer new Agricultural Technology to Farmers through well-trained Extension Staff no matter how complex'. At the end of their training even if they are not employed as Extension Staff, they are expected to settle as trained Farmers, others who did not attend formal training can emulate them.

Building a world class Agricultural College that provide Agrarian Society.

To provide basic studies, training and development of techniques for Agricultural Extension, field experimentation, Agricultural mechanization. Rural sociology, Agricultural Economics, Home Economics, Animal Health and Husbandry and other applied Agricultural subject. To provide sources pf instruction ,both full and part time in all field of learning, leading to Diploma and certificates levels and other instructions in science and other related subjects, To provide special training course to meet the d emend and requirement of Niger state and the manpower needs of the country in general To provide face laities for conferences, seminars, study groups and other related activities. (e) TO arrange in-service vacation course for serving members of the state civil services or members of the public as the case may be, To provide such other facilities or arrange such other activities

Niger State College of Agriculture, Mokwa, Niger State, Nigeria.